ITACT started its first repair services at the premises of COTAC Belgium, after being merged with TRM in 1998. Over the next years ITACT grew more independent which resulted in a major move to the present location at Luithagen Haven in 2006.

Offices were completely refurbished and the workshop was adjusted to optimize efficiency and quality in all repair operations. ITACT soon became a well known and respected name in the tank container world. By opening the subsidiary ADPO (Antwerp left bank) in 2004 and HTC-Columbus in 2012, ITACT manages to cover a large part of Antwerp, providing high level services at different strategic locations.

ITACT offers a broad range of tankcontainer services: off hire repairs for leasing companies but also in-service repairs for various operators, periodic testing and the sale of used tankcontainers.


Meet the ITACT team

Glenn Paenen

+32 479 37 69 55

General Manager

Dominic Bauwens

+32 490 42 54 61

Supervisor ADPO Bank 

Jeroen Goudket

+32 474 50 00 47

Supervisor HTC depot

Dries Cools

+32 474 31 79 20

General Manager

Kris Kuypers

+32 498 82 55 03

Supervisor Right bank


+32 3 541 91 01

General administration