HTC Colombus

ITACT and HTC Colombus have started a corporation in 2013 to be a completion of each other. This partnership is on the terrains of HTC Colombus at Scheldelaan, well known as the chemical boulevard of Antwerp.

  1. Colombus has the  cleaning facility  and the knowhow  to clean on a environmentally way a wide variety of chemicals.

  2. ITACT is doing the repair of the tank containers and has more than 25 year of experience in this business.

Possibilities of ITACT at HTC

  1. Small quick repair:

  2. This is in-service work for several deep-sea operators and intermodal transporters.

90% percent of the jobs over there is a pre-load check after cleaning consisting of pressure test and changing leaking or contaminated gaskets

  1. Small modifications:

T11 into T12

T13 into T14

Changing top or bottom connections

  1. 5Y and 2.5y test

Possibillitys of HTC colombus

HTC has a  total of  8 Cleaning lanes:

  1. 6 lanes for quick and heavy products with different water temperatures  15°/50/°/90°

  2. 1 special lane for BEM-acrylates

  3. 1 lane specialized for latex and resins

  4. heating possibilities with steam or hot water

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